Transform your organization's communications through virtual learning.

In our online modules, we address a common business scenario such as writing an email or seizing the opportunity to talk to leadership effectively when you only have a minute. Engaging videos, animations, and demonstrations lead the way to impactful learning that can be immediately put into action -- and kept up to date with exercises and tip sheets.

Jane is proud to be a partner with Civiello Communications in creating the program.

Why e-learning?

  • Saves money by providing what ordinarily requires live professional trainers in a workshop setting

  • Saves time as it allows employees to work when they can, at their desks, at their own pace

  • Helps organizations stay consistent: all employees learn and implement the same techniques


Who's it for?

  • All executives, whether senior or freshly minted

  • Great for millennials who expect their jobs to provide learning and development as a part of their package

  • Organizations large and small, across countries and sectors

  • Any team that wants to commit to communicating better, both internally and externally

Module Menu

What looks good to you?

Virtual Meetings: Call Up Success

  • How to set and keep the agenda

  • Handling video conferences and maintaining engagement

  • Adjusting for any audience, including international audiences

Business Writing

  • Make sure people open your emails

  • Tightening your writing

  • How to write clear and concise one-page reports

Panels with Pizzazz

  • Ensure your message is heard

  • How to plan and moderate panels

  • Keep your audience engaged

Mastering the Media

  • How to control interviews

  • Making your message resonate on social media

  • Be your best on video, no matter where it's used

Communication Core

  • Due diligence for written and verbal communication

  • The 3x3 technique for message development

  • Building a modular message to adjust for time and audience

Power Presenting

  • Effective use of visual aids, from PowerPoint to props

  • How to grab and keep an audience

  • How to control fear

Make a Minute Matter

  • Bullet speak

  • Question control techniques

  • PREP method for better meeting participation and impromptu talks