Increase your level of comfort in front of any media audience while using your personal style with ease and communicating clearly.

Whether you fear public speaking or simply wish to refine your message, Jane helps you deliver a strong message.

In today's world, leaders and creatives need to be comfortable and commanding on camera. Learn how to impress with Jane.


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“How long does it take to prepare a good presentation? At least one former president said 'two weeks for a ten minute speech, one week for twenty minutes, but if I've got all day I can start right now.'

Finding the right words and honing your message is as big a job as delivering it. Don't EVER wing it.”

-Jane Hanson


Spotlight on Jane

Winner of 9 Emmy Awards

30 years of experience as a journalist and coach

Clients include leaders of corporations, editors in chief and publishers of major national publications, key opinion leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, internet entrepreneurs, and chefs and restauranteurs

Industries of expertise span finance, insurance, startups, tech, education, fashion and media, and more.