The Body Language of The Masters

The Sunday of the Masters Golf Tournament usually brings some drama, a few magnolias, and great golf swings– not to mention that … uh hum … green jacket. But what struck me from a communication viewpoint had nothing to do with the pars and fairways. It was about three things: poise, graciousness, and raw emotions. First, throughout the days play by the leaders, Bubba Watson and that young (you did hear it repeated ad nauseam he would be the youngest winner ever ) Jordon Spieth — we saw them conversing, smiling, having fun — whether true or not, it seemed like camaraderie.

Perhaps these two really like each other. Perhaps they were enjoying themselves, despite being watched by millions and knowing the pressure that brings. Then after the 18th hole, Spieth showed incredible poise for a 20 year old — his post match interview ” Oh, it was so much fun, even if I didn’t show it on the back nine. It really was … Although it sits a little hard right now I’ll be back, and I can’t wait to be back.”

Eager, embracing the teachings of the day, and making us all smile at his youthful exuberance. Switch over to Watson — who as he hugs his caddy permits the tears of joy to stream down his face. More come as he kisses his wife and baby. As he walked to the club house, a hand slap for everyone he could reach — even as he hugged tightly young Caleb. Both will be around for a long time in the world of golf … and its admirable that they were unafraid to share their game, their sportsmanship and their passion.