Welcome to a brave new world.

Media platforms are converging, and that means that brilliant writers, columnists, artists, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and their teammates are being forced to embrace the unfamiliar. They might be masters of the universe, but they're deadly afraid of the camera.

Sound familiar?

Join the ranks of your peers (and competitors) who have made the most of their leap to video.



After training with Jane, you (and your entire team, if you invite them along) will be able to tell the same stories you tell beautifully elsewhere -- but in the video medium. Jane will work to bust through any fears or resistance, to ensure everyone involved is comfortable, whether on Skype, a webinar, or on screen.

In addition to learning the finer points of delivery and engaging your audience, you'll be able to properly read from a teleprompter and know common visual cues used in film and TV.

How We Do It

One-on-one training

Large group trainings

Videotaped reviews & critiques

Customized training sessions that fit your budget and schedule


Video Training Sessions Include:

Body Language Tune-Ups

Gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, posture, and appearance all impact the way your audience perceives your message. Break through habits and nerves, to be sure this is an asset, and not a liability!

Vocal & Audience Awareness

Avoid listless or monotone delivery, and learn to choose language that resonates. Learn to speak with variety to better engage your audience and appear energetic and dynamic on screen.


Practical On-Camera Skills.

Learn everything you need to be successful in working with any kind of film crew or on a set. Jane teaches teleprompter reading and how to understand audio and visual cues do you feel confident..

Video's not going anywhere. Make it work for you.

Our training session rates vary depending on time spent and budget. Let's figure out what works for you.