Did you know it's possible to enjoy presenting? 

Get the sweats from thinking about public speaking? You're not alone. That's why there's the old joke about how most people at a funeral would rather be in the coffin than giving the eulogy! After all, it's easy to worry and then stumble when there are so many factors at play: "did I get my message across?" "How do I look?" "How much time do I have left?"

Jane will work to get you from the worry stage to the thriving-on-stage stage, whether you're in front of a 1,000-person audience or at a board meeting of 15 people. Or in a meeting. Or simply one-on-one. It's possible to nail it every single time, you just need some coaching on how to do it.



After training, you'll notice a major uptick in your level of comfort speaking in front of people. You'll also understand the finer points of "working the room" and when you might need to change up your message on the go -- things that may have eluded you before.

It will also be easier to give strong, clear, and concise messages, and lose that nagging feeling in the back of your head that you're rambling. In short, you'll be a cool and confident speaker no matter the circumstances.

How We Do It

Full day sessions

Half day sessions

Two hour sessions

We customize the amount of time spent and budget to meet the needs of individual clients


Presentation Training Sessions Include:

Mock Presentations & Critiques

We learn by doing -- and by receiving feedback. You'll be recorded so that you can get the constructive critiques that will get you to the next level of confidence and clarity.

Anatomy of a Presentation

A PowerPoint tutorial that takes you through what works and what doesn't, veteran tricks of the trade, body language tune-up, question control, and audience rapport building.

Message Polishing

Make sure your team is on the same page, even as they use their own individual styles to communicate. Work to build a united front around your message, while keeping everyone engaging.



Learn to love presentations.

Pricing depends on your personal needs and budget. Let's talk about it.