Make your interview shine, no matter the medium.

TV, print, radio, the internet: in the age of instant communication, it's more important than ever that your substance, style, and audience work cohesively -- particularly when you might find yourself on camera or the web without intending to be.

Arm yourself with the skills to be successful in any medium so that the impression that sticks is the best one possible. 



We work to make you comfortable in the interview environment. This means you offer a clear and concise message to your audience, answer questions with confidence and ease, and avoid missteps and misspeaking. You'll learn how to choreograph the interview, no matter where you're speaking, when, or with whom.

We train for specific interviews, or more generally, to enable you to be successful and improve over time.

How We Do It

Full Day Sessions

Half Day Sessions

Two hour sessions

Customized number of sessions and times to fit your needs


Customized Sessions Include:

Mock Interviews & Critiques

Sit side by side with Jane and become an expert in interviewing, step by step. You'll learn by doing, and then receive video reviews and critiques to spot where you can improve further.

Anatomy of Interviews

Learn to coreograph your interview in this tutorial with clips of what works (and doesn't), reporter tricks from the trade, question control, body language tune up, reporter rapport, and even what to wear.


Time Management

This is a crucial aspect of any speaking engagement, but especially in the real-time world of TV or internet broadcasting. Jane will assist you in learning to manage the clock without breaking a sweat.


Your customized sessions are waiting.

Sessions and training vary in length, scope, and budget depending on your needs. Get in touch to get started.