Media Training Basics

It may seem simple, but media training basics aren’t basic at all.   Most of us like to create videos or make posts for social media; some of us are interviewed on media platforms, or might even be launching a product and need publicity.   But how do you make these efforts successful?

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Media Training Basics have three key elements:

Who’s your audience

What do you want to say

How do you say it


First thing I teach in my media training basic courses – something most people don’t pay attention to:  who am I trying to reach: are they young, old, male, female, where do they live, what is their ethnicity.  And while my message may be the same, I have to tailor it to resonate with the people I am speaking to.


Second, what is that message.   It must be clear, concise, compelling.   And tell a story.  Stories make us memorable.


Third, how do I use my voice, and my body to illustrate my message.   This is about eye contact, gestures, tone, pace; our bodies and our words must be in sync or we are inauthentic.  And that won’t work.   Get more on media training basics in our course CommnicationCounts™.