International Day of the Girl


I recently worked with a couple of young female journalists — and was struck by what they told me —- that to be credible they felt they had to hold back personality, appear serious at all times and dress much older. In essence, be inauthentic. Limit their passion. Inhibit their natural female instincts. Be someone they are not. Which is how I felt when I got a big job in my early 20s. That was a while ago. It made me sad. Haven’t we grown past this? To a place where young women can feel empowered enough to simply be themselves as broadcasters or in any other role? Let’s let them Get out of a box and soar.

During an interview recently I was asked what made me dream big as a little girl — and go from a “little house in the prairie” town to NYC. The answer is my Dad. Since the day I was born he encouraged me, telling me I could be anything I wanted to be & backed that up with loving support. If there is any message I would like out there on this international day of the girl — it’s to you Dads everywhere. The power you wield to influence your daughters — and help them achieve is intangible. Use it wisely. It will be with them forever!